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12:30 PM - Coaching Skills for Library Supervisors: Building a Performance Culture, One Employee at a Time (LIVE webinar)
2:00 PM - Exploring our Statewide Resources: Home Improvement Reference Center (LIVE webinar)
All Day - Why and How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zones (archived webinar)
All Day - Maps: Interpreting Current and Historical Resources (archived webinar)
All Day - Let's Talk Tweens (archived webinar)
All Day - Teen Programming: A Mover & Shaker's Recipe for Impact and Success (Archived webinar Northeast Regional Library System NEO)
10:00 AM - Effective Workplace Communication for New Supervisors (LIVE webinar Northeast Regional Library System NEO)
12:30 PM - 30 Minute Special! The Difference Between Discussion, Debate and Dialogue and How to Use It to Build Healthy Workplaces (LIVE webinar)
All Day - The Simple and Easy Manager (archived webinar)
3:00 PM - Facing the Challenges of Working at Home for the Employee and the Manager (LIVE webinar)
All Day - Get Prepared to Speak Impromptu (archived webinar)
All Day - The Best of 2019 and Most Anticipated of 2020 Comics and Graphic Novels (archived webinar)
All Day - Becoming a Better Listener at Work (archived webinar)
10:00 AM - From Peer to Leader (LIVE webinar Northeast Regional Library System NEO)
12:30 PM - he Power of Hospitality to Deliver the Black Tie Patron Experience! (LIVE webinar)
All Day - What’s My Style – What’s Your Style: The Keys to Improved Communication (archived webinar)
All Day - For Flannel's Sake; Using Felt and Flannel Boards in Library Programs (archived webinar)
All Day - More Than 20 Creative and Fun Ideas to Welcome and Delight Your Users in 60 Minutes (archived webinar)
All Day - Ask the Expert About Library Safety and Security (archived webinar)
10:00 AM - RA Rethink: Merchandising and Upselling (LIVE webinar Northeast Regional Library System NEO)
12:30 PM - Everything You Need to Learn About Podcasting in One Hour (LIVE webinar)
All Day - Writing Effective Emails (archived webinar)
All Day - The Seven Roles We Play as Leaders of Our Lives and Others: An Introduction to Energy Leadership (archived webinar)
All Day - Youth Cooking 101: How to Implement Cooking Classes for Kids at Your Library (archived webinar)
All Day - No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right (archived webinar)
12:30 PM - 20 Tech Trends in 60 minutes (LIVE webinar)
All Day - Why You Need a Mentor (or Why You Should Be One) (archived webinar)