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All Day - Children Collections Crash Course: Nonfiction (archived webinar)
2:00 PM - Patron Bashing in Public Libraries: Its Effect on the Professional and the Profession (LIVE webinar)
9:00 AM - Bargaining Basics and Best Practices (LIVE webinar from NEO)
All Day - Pages Against Prejudice (archived webinar)
All Day - Keeping the Best of the Virtual Experience (archived webinar)
All Day - Memorial Records: Researching Cemeteries for Genealogy (archived webinar)
12:30 PM - Recharge Your Book Club (LIVE webinar)
2:00 PM - Little Hands Signing in Storytime: Winter Signs (LIVE webinar)
All Day - Programming at Home: Parents and Caregivers (archived webinar)
All Day - Technology Ownership: Examining the Total Cost (archived webinar)
All Day - Reference Resources for Reference Librarians(archived webinar)
2:00 PM - Disability 301: Recruiting a Person with a Disability: Do’s and Don’t’s (LIVE webinar from NEO)
2:00 PM - Ask Us Anything (AUA) for Healthier Libraries (LIVE webinar)
10:00 AM - Policing In Libraries and the Fog of Implicit Bias (LIVE webinar from NEO)
All Day - The New Social Media World & Library Marketing Online (archived webinar)
All Day - Libraries for All: Serving People with Disabilities at Your Library (archived webinar)
10:00 AM - Fundraising 101: Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Donors (LIVE webinar from NEO)
2:00 PM - The Six Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Underperforming Employee (LIVE webinar)
3:30 PM - Directors Virtual Networking Meeting (LIVE webinar from NEO)
11:00 AM - OPLIN Webinar – Closing the Digital Literacy Gap with Northstar(LIVE webinar from OLC)
All Day - 20 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes (archived webinar)