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2:00 PM - 5 Tips for Word of Mouth Marketing (LIVE webinar)
All Day - If You Have Emotions and You Know It - Shout Hooray: Presenting Social Emotional Learning in Storytime (archived webinar)
All Day - Difficult Conversations Online (archived webinar)
2:00 PM - Handling Change at the Staff Level: Awareness, Resilience, and Communication (LIVE webinar)
All Day - The Secrets of Stellar Readers' Advisory Service (archived webinar)
All Day - Big Programs, Little Budget (archived webinar)
2:00 PM - Fighting for #FReadom (LIVE webinar)
All Day - The Anti-Procrastinator's Guide to Time Management (archived webinar)
All Day - Creating Boundaries with Patrons (archived webinar)
1:15 PM - "Beyond the Stamp - Your Role, Responsibilities, and Risks as an Ohio Notary Public" (LIVE! In-Person
2:00 PM - Building and Sustaining Community Partnerships(LIVE webinar)
All Day - Creating the Image and Crafting the Message for Your Library (archived webinar)
All Day - Developing an Outreach Program for Your Library (archived webinar)
2:00 PM - Time to Think: The Importance of Focus (and how to find it in our busy interconnected lives) (LIVE webinar)